HoR-Echos of death

Orc you glad I didn't say Dragon?

Welcome one and all I thank you for finding this log, so glad you could make it. Not long ago my first game was started. It’s goal? a simple D&D campaign, one where the players could understand the exp grind, the hunt for items, the FEAR of dragons and finally a true appreciation for laying out their story line. This however is not the point of this log, I come to tell you of the first day of our second groups of heroes in “The Heroes of Riversung”. Their tag title? Echoes of Death.

We started our morning with the every excited Bansif (sp?) “The wanderer”, with his new found ally Vok. The two had met each other not three months ago as Bansif found our big lug wandering the road side before being ambushed by a camp of gnolls, the two made quick work of the monsters before sharing a dinner at the roadside and choosing to adventure with one another. Today we find our heroes entering the small town of Riversung, interested in work while passing through to the next town. After some searching and catching glimpses of the ‘Characters’ of Riversung, notably the young fellow in the bar doorway whom seemed to pop up all over, Bansif and Vok approached the bazaar area.

“Hey, you” Called a dwarf man sitting atop a crate. His small gaily attired frame standing out among some of the other young bards which stood in a semicircle about him. His name was Bacchus, the mayor of the town and the founder of the Riversung Bard’s tradeschool.

“You ain’t no regulars round here. You lookin for work, or passing through.”

“Both?” retorted Bansif with a puzzled look to the eccentric looking fellow.

“Good, The name is Bacchus I’m-”

Bansif sighed holding a hand up cutting the gentleman short. “Not interested in long sentences, want to talk you can speak with the big guy but we’ll do your job.”

“Huh?” The large man standing beside the Halfling looked down. His voice was low, his speech drawn out. “Why me?”

“You’re the talker Vok.”

“Okay..” Vok looked to the dwarf.

“What do you need?”

Bacchus shifted uneasily, the Goliath was strong looking adorned in nothing but fur, he didn’t seem to carry any equipment. Bacchus motioned to a crate to the side.

“Request from the nephew, it’s very important this get to the top of Mt.Fennus Those straps are for attachin it to a carriage if you get to the stables on the-”

“No thanks.” Vok stepped forward picking the crate up, bringing the straps over his shoulder the Crate looked like a pack of some kind. Bansif grinned a moment before climbing the goliath and sitting on the edge of the crate, feet dangling high above the ground.

“Let’s go Vok.” As the two turned about, ready to head for the mountains Bacchus called out behind the two.

“Yggsmimr! His name is Yggsm- Baw these adventurers today I hope those other kids are getting along fine.”

Our duo took off for the city border hardly a word exchanged between the two taking only a moment to watch a small group of strangers talking. The young boy from the bar pointing down one road. A sour and angry look overcoming Vok’s face as he spotted two elves.

“Work, work. Let’s move.” Rustles in the bushes revealed our friends being overrun slowly by orc. As the carnage died down Vok lean on his greatbow limping lightly down the road as Bansif sit and hum to himself. The sun sets tonight as the two prepare to set up camp. As they approach the side of the road however a woman smiles to them in front of a cottage, motioning silently the two friends unable to resist walk into the cottage, the woman entering behind them and closing the door as a small hill appears where the building once stood.


ChristopherFaith ChristopherFaith

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